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🐌 Shell utilities

Nuclear provides utilities for running system shell commands.

Basic usage:

from nuclear import shell

window_id: str = shell('xdotool getactivewindow')

shell function captures the stdout & stderr output of the shell command and returns it as a string. It may also print live stdout in real time (line by line) and capture output in case of errors.

It has a lot of possibilities thanks to its parameters:

  • cmd: str - shell command to run
  • workdir: Optional[Path] = None - working directory for the command
  • print_stdout: bool = False - whether to print live stdout in real time (line by line) from a subprocess
  • print_log: bool = False - whether to print a log message about running the command
  • raw_output: bool = False - whether to let subprocess manage stdout/stderr on its own instead of capturing it
  • independent: bool = False - whether to start an independent process that can outlive the caller process
  • output_file: Optional[Path] = None - optional file to write the output in real time

It returns the stdout of the command combined with stderr. In case of non-zero command exit code, shell raises CommandError exception.